Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fix your posture , For the Best !

Your spine is one of the most important bones you have in your body. Your backbone is what carries you when you walk and what supports your body. Taking good care of it is a lifelong project and should be treated with extreme care so it'll last forever. Here are some instructions for making sure your spine has as good a life as you do and This is The Biggest Rule to be an Attractive man ! remember this one guys !!
Maintain good posture. No matter where you are or what you're doing, be sure to keep good posture. Align your back, neck, and head as close to a straight line as possible.
Lay down correctly when you're sleeping. Be sure to have a pillow with very low elevation. Bending your neck upwards all night with a tall pillow can cause problems. If you are laying on your back, put a raised pillow under your feet/knees, and if you sleep on you side, place a pillow between your legs. Never sleep on your stomach. Remember that it is also important to have a mattress that's in good condition (pillow, too!)
Take care of your bones. Be sure to take in the required amount of calcium. Some good sources of calcium are dairy products (cheese, milk, and yogurt.)
Exercise. Doing exercises that stretch and balance your body can be very beneficial. An example would be yoga. Muscle-building exercises are great, too! More muscle means more protection for your back bone, and the muscle is strong enough to hold your spine in place correctly.
Get a back, shoulder, and/or neck massage. Massaging places near your back can help align it properly.
See your doctor for a scoliosis screening. An over curved spine is a serious problem. If you are an adolescent and have this condition, they may first have you wear a backbrace, and if it progresses to a serious degree, you may be offered spine surgery.
To walk straight and tall it helps to hold your arms parallel to your ears, walking like this helps if you have a slouch, practise this,to hold yourself erect against gravity.

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