Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Attractive Qualities

It is very simple. There are ten qualities women find very attractive in men. If you possess these ten qualities, then you can bet that women will be coming after you. Here they are:

1. The willingness to make a commitment to a long term relationship. Women are attracted to men who are not afraid of committing to long term relationships. .

2. The willingness to do whatever it takes to take care of a woman. Women want to feel protected and thrive when a man is stable and financially secure. They fall in love easily when they know they don't have to be the one carrying all the financial burden in a relationship.

3. The ability to work hard. A hardworking man is going to make sure he can provide for his woman. This also means he will be able to provide for a family when the time comes for the woman to have children.

4. A natural ability to love and take care of kids. Women are attracted to men that love kids. They figure if you show love to kids that are not even yours, that you will probably be an excellent father when you have yours.

5. Being suave in both social and business situations. Women find it difficult to resist men who carry themselves well in both social and business situations.

6. Not being overly flirtatious. Women are not comfortable with men that are overly flirtatious. So the less flirtatious you are with members of the opposite sex the more attractive you are.

7. Being kind-hearted. Kind men are few and far between. So when women find kind-hearted men, they tend to want to have a relationship with them.

8. A good problem solver. Women love men that are able to effortlessly find solutions to problems without complaining or making excuses.

9. A good listener. Women love men that want to hear what they have to say. So many women feel that men just don't know how to listen and easily forget what is being said to them. So when women come across men with good listening skills, they get hooked.

10. A good lover in bed. This is a very important quality to possess. If you are a nice guy and you don't know how to satisfy women in bed, you will have a tough time building a long term romantic relationship with women.

So if you see a man dating a beautiful woman, then you know that he must possess ten of the qualities listed above. That guy is probably doing all the things that women find attractive in men.

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